3D printer EL-102

EL-102 3D Printer

The new EL-102 3D printer.

Take the next step in the EVO-lution of additive manufacturing with us.

The EL-102 3D printer. It’s time to do something big.

When developing the new EVO-tech EL-102, the focus was not only on expanding the variety of materials but also on increasing productivity and suitability for series production. The built-in material drying and the interior which can be heated to 100°C both ensure production under the same conditions at all times. Vacuum clamping table and quick-change plasticizing unit make a homogeneous production possible.

Full optimization for reproducibility and suitability for series production

〉    Material drying at up to 80°C, known from injection molding and extrusion, including protection against overdrying.

〉    Up to 100°C interior temperature, enables reproducible processing of engineering plastics.

〉    Absolute material type purity since the entire melt zone is also replaced when the nozzle is changed.

〉    With an open material system, nozzle temperatures >400°C and an interior heating of up to 100°C the EL-102 is equipped to create something new with you.

〉    Vacuum clamping table to clamp the ideal printing surface for any material.

〉    Predefined settings for materials make your day-to-day work easier.

〉   2 separate nozzles with cleaning station prevent the non-pressure nozzle from producing threads.

〉    Each parameter can be adjusted freely.

Limitless possibilities in material processing

Advantages and benefits of the EL-102 3D printer

Installation space 500 x 400 x 510 mm

Entire plasticizing unit changed automatically when nozzles are changed

Interior temperature up to 100°C

Nozzle temperature >400°C

Integrated water cooling

Filament drying

3d printer nozzles

Two independent nozzles

When is the EL-102 the right choice for you?

  • You need components up to a size of 500 x 400 x 510 mm (W x D x H)
  • You want to print several components at once
  • You process large quantities of material
  • You process materials that absorb water very quickly and require integrated material drying
  • You process many different materials and want full control over the production parameters.

If one of these applies to you, then the EL-102 is the right choice for you. If not, you may also be interested in our entry-level product EL-11.

Open material system and wide variety of filaments

Unlike conventional 3D printing models, with EVO-lizer 3D printers you are not forced into choosing one specific engineering plastics manufacturer. With more than 11 self-developed filaments, EVO-tech offers you a wide range of plastics which are specially optimized for our EVO-lizer industrial 3D printers.
  • Flame-retardant
  • UV and temperature resistant to over 200°C
  • Electrostatically dissipative
  • Safe for foods
  • Abrasion resistant and chemical resistant

Technical specifications

Print size (W x D x H)500 x 400 x 510 mm
Installation space (volume)102 liters
Housing size without display (W x D x H)1150 x 800 x 1900 mm
Housing size with display (W x D x H)1150 x 870 x 1900 mm
Space in front of the printer to allow the door to openMin. 1200 mm
Space behind the printerMin. 200 mm
Space to left of printer for service doorMin. 1000 mm
Weightapprox. 400 kg
Loudnessapprox. 62 dB
Position accuracy0.02 mm
Coat thickness0.1 – 0.8 mm
Nozzle diameter0.3 – 0.8 mm
Number of extruders2
Pressure board temperatureMax. 200°C
Installation space temperatureup to 100°C
Nozzle temperatureup to 400°C
Housing ventilationExtraction through an activated carbon filter
Minimum wall thickness0.3 mm
Electrical connection400V / 16A / C13 or C16 fuse
Power inputFrom 240W to 4500W
Supported operating systemsWindows, Linux, Apple, Android
Internal memory16 GB / 32 GB
Display10.1-inch touch, 1200 x 800 pixels
InterfacesWLAN / LAN



About EVO-tech

EVO-tech, based in Schörfling am Attersee (Austria), is a developer and manufacturer of 3D printers. Thanks to many years of experience, EVO-tech has positioned itself as a full-service provider in additive manufacturing.

Take the next step in the EVO-lution of additive production with us.