3D Printer EL-11

EL-11 3D Printer

EL-11 3D Printer

The future of 3D printing. The EVO-lizer starts a whole new chapter.

Since its roll-out, the EL-11 which is exclusively produced 100% in Austria, has set many new standards in professional 3D printing. Its sophisticated design, extremely low operating costs, open material system and many other features have catapulted it directly to the top of 3D printers for industrial and commercial applications.

Benefits of the EL-11 3D Printer

Closed, heated interior

Special attention was paid to the active filtration of the exhaust gases with the help of activated carbon filters. The automatic temperature control of the installation space enables optimum component quality.

  • Closed and tempered space
  • Built-in activated carbon filter
  • Low noise (max. 49 dB)
  • Suitable for office
  • Space volume 11.3 liters
  • Print size (W x D x H) 270 x 200 x 210 mm

12 engineering plastics

Already 12 self-developed engineering plastics make the EVO-Lizer an all-rounder – of course, materials from other manufacturers can also be used.

  • flame-retardant
  • UV resistant
  • temperature resistant to over 200°C
  • Electrostatically dissipative
  • Safe for foods
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Chemical resistant

High-temperature nozzle

On request, the EVO-Lizer can be equipped with high-temperature nozzles up to 330 ° C.


Linear axes with recirculating ball screws for maximum accuracy.

Made in Austria

Als einziger 3D Drucker seiner Klasse wird der EVO-lizer zu 100% in Österreich gefertigt.

  • Kauf direkt beim Hersteller
  • Know-How Transfer durch EVO-tech Academy
  • Schneller Service in Ihrer Nähe

Low production costs

  • Up to 5x cheaper consumables
  • Maintenance-free guides
  • Wear parts easily exchangeable

Webcam Inside

Optionally, the EVO-lizer is equipped with a webcam. This allows you to monitor the pressure progress from any location, including time-lapse photography.


Always up to date with the EVO-Lizer:

  • WLAN, LAN interface
  • USB interface
  • Controllable via web browser


Anytime, anywhere access to the print process – the mobile phone makes it possible!

Open material system and wide variety of filaments

Unlike conventional 3D printer models, the EVO-lizer does not require you to choose one specific engineering plastics manufacturer. With 12 self-developed filaments, EVO-tech offers you a wide range of plastics which are specially optimized for our EVO-lizer industrial 3D printer.

  • Flame-retardant
  • UV and temperature resistant to over 200°C
  • Electrostatically dissipative
  • Safe for foods
  • Abrasion resistant and chemical resistant

Touch & Play

The EVO-lizer’s cockpit features a high-definition touch display. Using this screen, you can manage print jobs, change settings and keep an overview of the entire print run with all information at all times. Technical specifications:

  • 800 x 480 Touch Display
  • 70° viewing range
  • 125 pixels per inch (PPI)

Technical specifications

Print size (W x D x H)270 x 200 x 210 mm
Installation space (volume)11.3 liters
Housing size (W x D x H)860 x 840 540 mm
Weightapprox. 60kg
Loudnessapprox. 49 dB
Position accuracy0.03 mm
Coat thickness0.10 – 0.75 mm
Nozzle diameter0.2 – 0.8 mm
Number of extruders2
Pressure board temperatureup to 100° Celsius
Installation space temperatureup to 60° Celsius
Nozzle temperatureup to 270° Celsius, up to 330° Celsius high-temperature option
Housing ventilationExtraction through an activated carbon filter
Minimum wall thickness0.3 mm
Electrical connection230 V
Power inputapprox. 250 W
Supported operating systemsWindows, Android, Linux, Apple OS, Apple iOS
Internal memory16 GB
Display7-inch touch display, 800 x 480 display, 70° field of view, 125 ppi
InterfacesWLan, LAN, USB

FFF printing

The EVO-lizer employs the fused filament fabrication printing technique. In this method thermoplastics are melted in a heated nozzle and are then applied in the X and Y axes to the building platform through the print head. The material immediately solidifies and combines through thermal fusion. By lowering the construction platform in the Z axis, the model is produced layer by layer. This video explains the process:  



About EVO-tech

EVO-tech, based in Schörfling am Attersee (Austria), is a developer and manufacturer of 3D printers. Thanks to many years of experience, EVO-tech has positioned itself as a full-service provider in additive manufacturing.

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