EVO-LIZER 3D printing fueling the automotive industry

The automotive sector is regarded as one of the driving industries of additive manufacturing. We experience this on an almost daily basis at EVO-tech. The requirements of the industry are becoming more and more specific, the demand for new technical specialty plastics is also increasing.


Additive manufacturing in the automotive industry

In fact, in the automotive sector both manufacturers and suppliers recognize the numerous advantages of additive manufacturing. Be it in in-house rapid prototyping, in the fabrication of end components in small series production or in rapid tooling, i.e. in efficient tool making and even fixture construction.


The main advantages are:

  • Quicker production of prototypes
  • Gradual and cost-effective approach to realizing optimal components
  • Short development times
  • Shorted development cycles
  • Larger variety of variations
  • Flexible responses to changes in the product development process



With the EVO-lizer, EVO-tech offers the automotive industry a highly innovative 3D printer which is capable of delivering precisely these advantages in practice. Fast, cost-effective and in first-class quality. On the basis of its intelligent and modular design and our application-oriented know-how, we are able to precisely tailor the EVO-lizer as well as the filament quality to fulfill the respective requirements.



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