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EVO-lution in vocational training

Obviously, the level of technical training depends primarily on the teachers. Although technical tools and a highly practice-based approach play an important role as well. Which we have in the EVO-lizer and its valuable and cost-effective support, which it can provide to technical universities, technical colleges, higher technical institutes or private educational institutions.

What can the EVO-lizer 3D printer do?

  • Practice-oriented project implementation: Students experience a project from the planning phase to the realization phase, including successes and possible setbacks.
  • Heuristic problem solving (trial and error) Due to the low cost per printed object, students don’t need to be worried about trying out their ideas in spite of their possibly limited knowledge, and can reach solutions step-by-step.
  • Simple usability: The EVO-lizer is not only simple and intuitive to use; It also requires little maintenance and can therefore be integrated into teaching activities with very little additional effort.



3D printing is THE technology of the moment and essential for the education of young people to prepare them for the needs of the future! – Mag. Andreas Otmischi, Director of CNC-Academy


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Application examples from our customers




Many parts were printed and tested with the help of the EVO-lizer, which was made available to students in the CNC-Academy. But not only that: due to the high strength and extreme material properties, numerous printed parts have been used and have not been replaced (as planned) with CNC machined parts. This shows and proves the quality of printed parts produced by an EVO-lizer!



Ferngesteuertes Auto


Smart Labs Carinthia

The Smart Labs Carinthia in Klagenfurt and Villach were founded in February 2015 and are used as innovative centers made available to start-ups and everything related to Industry 4.0 when founding a company.





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