ABS Filament





ABS-ESD (for electrostatic discharge or electrostatic sensitive devices) as a 3D printing filament is used in all electrostatically sensitive devices. This includes almost all electrical, electronic and optoelectronic as well as numerous electromechanical components. Due to its dissipative (energy absorbing) properties, the ABS-ESD filament guarantees safe and controlled discharge of electrostatic charges.

Otherwise, they could cause a short, high current and energy pulse that can interfere with or completely damage the components’ function. ABS-ESD must be used in many areas for safety reasons too, as sudden voltage discharges can lead to explosions. With ABS-ESD as a thermoplastic material, 3D printed components can be created that guarantee a safe and lasting dissipation of static electricity.

Fields of application include electronics and semiconductors, the construction of fans and pumps, as well as medicine. This dissipative property is also necessary wherever powder is used or where dust must not be attracted to the plastic components.

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