Filament for 3D Printing

Processing parameters:

Extrusion temperature:220 – 265 °C
Print bed temperature:95 – 110 °C

Iglidur is a product brand of the company Igus for a so-called Tribo filament, which was specially developed for the 3D printing industry and has a 50 times higher abrasion resistance than conventional 3D printing materials Iglidur workpieces therefore have a significant longer durability.

This filament opens up completely new possibilities for the 3D printing of prototypes or special components. Due to the excellent tribological features (that means abrasion and wear resistance), Iglidur is especially recommended for spare or wear parts that needs to be slided or turned, such as plain bearings, drive nuts, gear wheels.

This special plastic is available in 2 versions: The I150 is easy to process and can therefore be processed well even by 3D beginners. I180 is a bit more demanding to work with and should therefore be used by experienced users.

Iglidur is perfectly suitable for EVO-tech printers because it can only be used by FDM 3D printers (= Fused Deposition Modeling).

Iglidur is available in white.

Processing instructions:

Avoid cooling the component by a fan.

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A wide range of post-processing methods are available for Iglidur. This plastic can be painted and glued.


Prototypes, small batches, moving parts, spare parts

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