Metal printing



Metal printing using the the EVO-lizer 3D printers

EVO-tech is revolutionizing metal 3D printing as well! By now huge investments had to be taken to purchase a metal 3D printer, it is now possible to manufacture metal parts with the EVO-lizer 3D printer. It uses the MIM / PIM injection molding technologies that have been known for decades. Plastics highly filled with metal are printed and then sintered.

Metall part made by 3D printing

Description of the metal 3D printing process.

Feedstock with metal powder and binder for 3D metal printing


First suitable binder and suitable metal powder are selected.

Mixing & Granulating for metal 3D printing


Second an industrial feedstock comparable to a plastic granulate is made from the binder and the metal.

Filament for 3D metal printing

Production of the filament

Third step is to produce a filament out of the feedstock.

EVO-lizer for 3D metal printing

Printiing of the filled filament.

In the fourth step of the process the metal filament is printed like a ordinary plastic filament in the EVO-lizer 3D printer. It is mandatory to ensure that the print chamber is heated and hardened extruder are used.

Green part made by 3D printing

Green body

After printing, the so-called green body part is obtained, which can be treated like a MIM or PIM created green body after this step of the process.

Catalytic debinding of 3D printed metal


Most of the binder polymer is removed during debinding. There are various debinding processes available. Such as thermal debinding, catalytic debinding or solvent debinding.

Brown part of 3D metal printing

Braun part

After the debinding, the so-called brown part is obtained. This is now very fragile and brittle and consists almost entirely of metal powder which is held together by very little remaining binder polymer (backbone).

Sintering of metal made by 3D printing


In the last step, the printed part is sintered at over 1300°C. Depending on the feedstock formulation, the part shrinks up to 20%.

Ready to use printed part made of pure 316L stainless steel

Finished component made of metal

After the sinter process a finished component made out of pure sintered metal is obtained Any plastic, left were burned during the sintering process.

Technical data of metal printing

Technical data for 3D metal printing

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