PC - Lexan

PC-Lexan™ Filament

PC-Lexan is a fire-retardant polycarbonate, which is very often used in injection molding for business jets, general aviation and in housing construction.

The Lexan is currently in the final phase of development and will be available within summer in combination with the EL-102.

Characteristics of polycarbonate Lexan filament

HDT – temperature resistance151°C
UL94 V-01,5 mm
Smoke DensityPassed
Heat Releasefailed
StorageAt room temperature, protected from direct sunlight and moisture

Processing parameters for the Lexan filament

Extrusion temperature:350 – 390 °C
Print bed temperature:170 °C
Print bed material:PEI Folie
Activated carbon filter:Necessary
Printing tray heating:100°C
Ultem 9085 Aviation component