Ultem 1010

Ultem™ 1010 Filament

Ultem 1010 is a high-performance polymer of the PEI (polyetherimide) plastic group. This polymer is mainly used in aviation, automotive industry and in mechanical engineering at high ambient temperatures.

The Ultem1010 is currently in the final phase of development and will be available within summer in combination with the EL-102.

Characteristics of Ultem 1010 filament

Extract from the Ultem data sheet:

HDT – temperature resistance215 °C
UL94 V-01,5 mm
StorageAt room temperature, protected from direct sunlight and moisture

Printing parameters for Ultem 1010 filament

Ultem 9085 printing temperatur:

Extrusion temperature:370–400 °C
Print bed temperature:180 °C
Print bed material:PEI foil
Activated carbon filter:Necessary
Printing tray heating:100°C
Ultem 9085 Aviation component