Mechanical engineering

From special components to serial production using 3D printing

With the EVO-lizer and intelligent engineering plastics, EVO-tech sets new standards for the cost-efficient and rapid production of high-quality plastic components from lot size 1 to small batches of several hundred pieces. The results of our work prove to be a competitive advantage, especially for mechanical engineering companies.


  • Special components and one-off products such as prototypes are factors relevant to success, which are becoming increasingly important.
  • Conventional production processes, such as injection molding, entail high costs and prolong development time.
  • Additive manufacturing at the level EVO-tech offers also has the potential for serial applications. For brackets, for example.


3D printing with application-optimized filaments

EVO-tech understands that professional 3D printing is not only about providing first-class hardware in the form of the EVO-lizer. As a full-service provider, we also advise mechanical engineering companies in all 3D-printed related topics. For example, choosing the best plastics. With currently 11 self-developed filaments (e.g. ABS-ESD, ABS-FR and PPS) and a series of application-optimized modifications, EVO-tech also enjoys a first-class reputation in this sector.


Main features

  • flame-retardant
  • UV and temperature resistant to over 200°C
  • Electrostatically dissipative, food safe
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Chemical resistant


Application examples from our customers



KOLM Engines

Johann Kolm (CEO of Kolm Engines) has set his company at the forefront of a market segment that involves designing and building 4-stroke gasoline engines for model making.



Kolm Motoren 3D Druck


Inocon Technologie GmbH

Small quantities, a wide variety of parts and high material requirements for the production of plasma coating systems are some of Inocon Technologie GmbH’s daily challenges.



inocon 3D Druck


Paschinger Prototypen & Maschinenbau e.U.

For Paschinger, 3D printers are an attractive addition to their current machines, as they allow order-specific devices to be easily produced overnight. This saves time and personnel resources.


Paschinger Prototypen & Maschinenbau e.U


Extract from our list of engineering customers


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