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Due to the dynamic developments in additive manufacturing in general and in EVO-tech in particular, innovations are commonplace in both areas. At the same time, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to stay up to date quickly and easily. For this reason we make press texts, press reviews and pictures available to read and download.




Press reviews


Mediaplanet Put your trust in us and learn fast 2018_05 Mediaplanet

OÖ Nachrichten Amazement and discovery at the Long Night of Research 2018_04 OÖ Nachrichten

Tips Vöcklabruck companies in Hannover 2018_04 Tips

OÖ Nachrichten Cooperation instead of competition: robots and people working hand in hand 2018_04 OÖ Nachrichten EVO-tech celebrates its 5-year anniversary 2018_02

APA OTS: EVO-tech opens a second site in Hannover 2017_10 APA OTS

K-Zeitung Online: Live 3D printing with a BASF metal filament 2017_10 K-Zeitung Online

Industriemagazin: Metal printing process for additive series production 2017_08 Industriemagazin

OÖ Nachrichten: EVO-tech manufactures stainless steel with 3D printer 2017_07 OÖ Nachrichten

K-Zeitung Online: EVO-tech – in-house exhibition in the name of metal printing 2017_07 K-Zeitung Online

Innovation OÖ: The all-printer 2017_07 Innovation OÖ

Konstruktionspraxis: The additive revolution is in full swing 2017_07 Konstruktionspraxis

Rapid.Tech: Rapid.Tech 2017 shows world first in additive manufacturing 2017_06 Rapid.Tech

OÖ Nachrichten: Winner of Pegasus Trophy 2017_06 OÖ Nachrichten

OÖ Nachrichten: Pegasus 2017: The finalists 2017_04 OÖ Nachrichten, Pegasus 2017

3DMake: EVO-tech presents advanced 3D printer 2017_03 EVO-tech präsentiert weiterentwickelten 3D-Drucker

x-technik: From filament printing to metal parts 2017_02 x-technik