Efficient prototyping shortens the time to market phase

reducing development times. This increases the risk of suboptimal product design and manufacturing errors, which can lead to considerable problems in series production. This logic applies to virtually all industries. Be it the automotive industry, the electronics industry or the machine, tool and fixture construction.



Perfect prototyping with the EVO-lizer 3D printer and EVO-plastics shortens the time to market phase and minimizes error probability.


In fact, the EVO-lizer provides low-threshold access allowing the fast and accurate production of significant models. In other words: the first proof of concept of ideas can be created quickly, cost-effectively and extremely precisely. Possible errors are immediately apparent. This means that the in-house prototyping is not only indispensable for every company but is also an essential driver of innovation.



  • In-house device construction
  • Measuring devices for quality management
  • Laboratory aids
  • Spare parts
  • And lots more



Prototype construction functional test

3D prototyping and its impact on business

Innovation in the company soars and costs plummet! This is a unique requirement for all companies and all industries whose success depends on innovations! Since businesses have access to additive manufacturing and the opportunities it creates, the generation of prototypes is a very viable option. This way an idea’s first proof of concept can very quickly emerge, something which is absolutely essential for a further, effective procedure in the development phase. However, this not only applies to product redevelopment but also to in-house fixture manufacturing, the construction of quality management measuring devices, laboratory aids, spare parts and much more.



Electronics housing from Fetzel Maschinenbau GmbH


The EVO-lizer: setting new time to market standards

In terms of prototype construction, the EVO-lizer is indispensable when striving to meet today’s demands for a realistic, need-oriented time-to-market. Product cycles are getting shorter and shorter, and development times have to be streamlined. All while reducing time to market to a necessary minimum – without raising the error rates in series production!   This concerns, in particular, prototypes in the automotive industry, the development of housings of consumer electronics, ergonomic tests of control panels, the production of initial samples for trade fairs for product presentations, the demonstration of detailed solutions, such as RC Car development at the CNC-Academy or the air distribution system at KOLM Engineering.


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Early detection of errors with prototypes made using the EVO-lizer

The nightmare of every product development: Errors in prototypes, which in the worst case, go through to mass production and result in exorbitant costs when repaired. This predicament can be prevented by using the EVO-lizer: faults in prototypes can be detected early on and can be revised and resolved in a very short time through additional development cycles or several revisions. This does not jeopardize the launch and it allows you to achieve time to market!


electronics housing

Design without soaring costs – a possibility with the EVO-lizer 3D printer!

However, experienced the designer may be, it is almost impossible to design a product from a perfect first draft. Holding a prototype in your hands can make many things easier: what works, what does not work, and why? With the EVO-lizer you are able to remain flexible and also go through a trial and error process several times without having to justify an explosion in costs or having to argue over lengthy release procedures.


Prototypes made with the EVO-lizer – real world testing!

Prototypes made with the EVO-lizer – knowing exactly what a product will look like before investing in expensive tools. So much is possible with EVO-tech’s wide variety of filaments! This way nothing stands in the way of running one or more real-world test.


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