Complete support for complete success

As a full-service provider for additive manufacturing, we understand that comprehensive services are an important prerequisite for professional and trustworthy cooperation. We have established some core service standards for this very reason.

Our service

For example:

  • Fixed and highly competent service team
  • Personal service during office hours
  • Support for application and operating queries as standard
  • Telephone troubleshooting service
  • Pick-up service and repair within 10 days

For manufacturing companies, we offer a special service agreement with replacement equipment delivery within 48 hours and a priority phone number.

Stress-free consulting and service contract

Due to its universal character and its convincing advantages, the vast majority of our customers choose the consulting and service contract when purchasing one or more EVO-lizers. Its core elements include:

  • 18-month extended warranty
  • 1 year service
  • Firmware and software updates
  • Ten 30-minute consulting sessions

For each ticket we will be at your disposal for 30 minutes to personally answer your questions about how to improve the quality of the components, as well as providing assembly and production-oriented tips.