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“Faster than a Porsche?” with the EVO-lizer …

As part of a research project, an electric go-kart has been developed that accelerates from 0 to 100km/h in 3 hair-raising seconds”! Every gram counts – that’s why many carbon components, as well as additively manufactured components, were used. The EVO-lizer can automatically reinforce solids using a honeycomb structure, potentially saving up to 80% in weight while maintaining nearly the same strength.



EVO-tech Gehäuse

The specific tasks – fast and cost-effective production of one-offs and small batches!

In order to be able to develop and produce in a highly efficient and effective manner in the context of the Smart Labs Carinthia, it is necessary to look at the costs despite the use of high tech. For this reason in particular, the use of the EVO-lizer is extremely important. Only then can prototypes be produced much faster and more cheaply by the students themselves than, for example, by means of CNC machines. Furthermore, components already developed by the Smart Labs are manufactured with the EVO-lizer and used in the final product. The advantages of this include the lack of effort required to set up the machine, the high flexibility, the fast availability and the high quality of the printed components.

The EVO-lizer is THE tool to promote the innovations & start-ups at Smart Labs Carinthia

Martin Fischer, Researcher Smart Lab Carinthia

The project – an intelligent battery management system

The battery packs which are required represent a cost and capacity bottleneck in the development of electrically powered (and thus sustainable) technical equipment (e-bike, hybrid drive to name just two). In addition to weight and performance, the condition that a battery has over its service life is of enormous importance! Together with the Fraunhofer Institute Italy, an intelligent battery management system has been developed which provides information about the state of charge and function as well as about the aging process of the respective battery cells!

The economic efficiency of conventional battery packs increases thanks to the early detection of defective cells and the associated possibility of exchanging them precisely. The target group of this product are all companies that deal with the charging technology of electrochemical cells. The research results of the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences pick up on this directly, thereby improving the profitability of future battery generations.

EVO-tech electronics housing


With the EVO-lizer, it was possible to give this product a professional appearance in the shortest possible time and to respond quickly and easily to changes in the construction method – costs and time were saved.

Smart Labs Carinthia – finger on the pulse of Industry 4.0!

The Smart Labs Carinthia in Klagenfurt and Villach were founded in February 2015 and are used as innovative centers made available to start-ups and everything related to Industry 4.0 when founding a company. This is a clear sign of the technological activities of Carinthia as a business location – the Smart Labs are a joint project of the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (Engineering & IT department) and the Alpen-Adria University Klagenfurt (Faculty of Business and Economics).

Students and researchers can seamlessly implement their concepts from conception to prototype to marketing in the 3D printing and prototyping laboratories. Getting started is easy since ideas can be quickly and easily realized with expert support in the Smart Labs. The two laboratories thus not only promote the spirit of innovation but also entrepreneurship. Different disciplines come together, e.g. to create design patterns, to test new production processes or to test marketing strategies.

Statement by Prof. Dr. Erich Hartlieb (Carinthia University of Applied Sciences): “For us, the Smart Lab is, on the one hand, the next logical development of a professional environment which supports innovations and start-ups and, in the innovation process, is directly linked to the innovation workshop as a creative space. On the other hand, with the available production technologies, the Smart Lab is a learning factory and thus also the opportunity to further develop Industry 4.0 together with partners from science and industry.”


The use of the EVO-lizer at Smart Labs Carinthia

Smart Labs Carinthia uses the EVO-lizer for the implementation and validation of specific application projects for Industry 4.0. In combination with a laser cutter, cutting plotter, 3D scanner and CNC milling machine and CNC lathes, the EVO-lizer makes an essential contribution to the research of machine-to-machine communication and its practical implementation.

The results have a direct impact on the productivity of machine configurations, production processes and work processes in the industry.